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What clients are saying about our Media Results

“I have worked my entire career to accomplish the goals I set before myself as an Actor. Vanish into character, leave no trace, be an Acting Ninja. As it turns out I was too effective – I had come to feel my career had become invisible too. That ended the day I called Holly Carinci. I needed to step out -- and quickly. My role in War for the Planet of the Apes was a highlight in my acting credits, and the greatest excuse to hire someone of Holly's caliber to promote me.

With almost no notice at all, Holly created a plan to put me on TV spots, radio interviews, podcasts and blogs. I couldn't have asked for more from her, and her team is just as fantastic.

Stephanie Scott on the social media side was unbelievable. In mere hours my social media campaign was underway; all my online profiles were gone over and updated with brand new images and text. I confess that self-promotion is a skill I am still struggling to learn, and they have taught me so much in the compressed time we’ve worked together.  

Now I feel more equipped to engage with social media. I absolutely feel that this team is essential to my career success and I intend to maintain this relationship for the betterment of myself, and my family.

Working Actors work, and the work they do is often the only thing promoting them to the next casting directors. A healthy body of work can often speak for itself, but nothing has yielded me more responses than the work Holly and our team have accomplished together.”

- MICHAEL ADAMTHWAITE | War for the Planet of the Apes)

Photo: Kristine Cofsky Photography


David Haydn Jones"Working with Holly Carinci and her dedicated team at HollyWords Publicity was my first foray into working with a publicity team and I can say their enthusiasm, professionalism, creativity, and cheerleading were such positive influences on my work as a recurring character on Supernatural. Steph gave me thorough Social Media tutorials and helped me through my resistance to Twitter and Instagram. Holly thoroughly vetted interviews, guided me through interview strategies and retaught the word "brevity" to me (being the chatty Cathy I am). But first and foremost she felt like a friend.  Kind, a good listener, supportive, even when I needed to say NO, and she possessed a wicked sense of humor that got us through some tough and silly times.

I would encourage anyone looking to showcase a role or project to take a hard look at HollyWords Publicity and get to know Holly and her team."

- DAVID HAYDN-JONES | ACTOR (Season 12 of Supernatural)

Photo: Courtesy of The CW Network

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Christian Michael Cooper Photo: Ian Redd Photography
Holly and her team at HWP were fantastic!  I decided to go the route of a publicist for my son, Christian Michael Cooper, when he booked a large recurring Guest Star role in Prison Break as Michael and Sarah's son. Holly and her team executed a marketing plan right away and taught me the 'ins and outs' of social media. Their plan encompassed both traditional and social media which I feel was extremely successful.  Christian was able to interview with BT Vancouver, BT Toronto, Etalk, CP24, Tribute and a variety of others. Not only did I learn a lot about the social media side but Christian grew in his abilities to interview with confidence!  Thanks so much to Holly and her team! We will be back!
- Kelly Cooper (Mom)
Photo: Ian Redd Photography 

Kiefer O'Reilly"I came to HollyWords because I knew that Kiefer needed some good publicity for his role as Burke Ramsey.  Holly came highly recommended by quite a few actor friends here in Vancouver and as soon as I had my first conversation with her I knew we were in good hands.  She was   Within 24 hours of our initial conversation, Kiefer was in Variety!  Just a few short weeks later Kiefer was in Toronto being interviewed on ET Canada and The Morning Show!  I truly felt that all of our publicity needs were met, traditional and social media.  I was so happy that Kiefer and I came back again for his newest role!"
- Michelle O'Reilly (mom)

KIEFER O'REILLY | ACTOR (Who Killed JonBenét)
Photo: Todd Duncan

 Christian ConveryDear Holly,

I wanted to thank you for being such a great publicist to my son Christian Convery.  The work you and your team have provided for him is not only astonishing but unparalleled.

The reasons I hired you again were because of your hard work, tenacity, determination, your personal network, excellent communication and PR skills and the ability to have arranged for my son a stand-alone announcement in Variety when he's only 7 years old. Your strategic plan for Christian has always encompassed both traditional and social media, the latter of which I've so enjoyed learning from Steph, and you always ensure that your plan for him is consistently executed and getting the desired results.

Thank you for all that you do, love what you guys do for us and we will be back again!!!

- Lisa Convery :-) (Mom)

Photo: Kevin Clarke

Alain Chanoine"I first heard about Holly Words through my agent who insisted that I got a publicist. I first did not want to. Having hired many publicists before, I knew it could do some good but really did not think it could change my life. Holly and Stephanie not only did an Amazing job but changed my whole perspective on Social Media & Marketing. I now approach the whole thing with Love & integrity. They truly care about their clients & their career, sometimes more than the client himself. Holly handled some tricky situations that I could not have handled on my own. I truly felt taken care of.

I now feel like I have a team behind me that cares & will knock down doors with me. I guess after 15 years in this business I finally feel like I’m not alone.I recommend these amazing publicists to anyone who wants to move to the next level." I’m glad I did.

Photo: Stephanie Lachance

Duane Howard


“Holly and her team at HWP jumped on board to cover PR for my client Duane Howard just before The LA Premiere of The Revenant. I could not be more happy with the exceptional professionalism and the sheer volume of publicity they were able to get for Duane.  And going above and beyond, Holly flew herself to LA twice to be with Duane for the SAG Awards and the Oscars, ensuring that he was handled properly and received as much attention as he deserved.  Very grateful for all they do!  And they make a killer Media Sheet!”


DUANE HOWARD | ACTOR (The Revenant)  
Photo: P. Stursberg

Adrian Hough"Needless to say I am very pleased with the coverage I got, and the skillful way you have generated, using my credits and who I am, a lot of attention and press.  From the notice in Variety to being featured in the TIFF red carpet photos in the Globe and Mail to the interviews. Well, well done!  So glad that my instincts about you were correct! Look forward to continued work with you.  I had three auditions, all knocked well towards the wall, if not out of the park today, riding on the energy of the last couple of weeks."

ADRIAN HOUGH  |  ACTOR (reAssignment)
Photo: Matt Tinney


“Shortly after a major feature premiered, a client’s role started burning up the Internet with major buzz. With a small window available to capitalize on this I reached out to Holly and company hoping we could generate a bit more interest. And did they ever.

Within a day they had met with the client, worked out a strategy and over the next week got his name out and we scored 40 plus media outlets running a story, including an outstanding interview on Canada AM. I live to hustle for my clients and have found a colleague with an energy and passion that matches my own.”


Photo: Kyle Cassie

Mitchell Kummen

“Working with Holly and Stephanie has been a great pleasure. They are truly very helpful and the utmost professionals. Together you could call them the “Dynamic Duo” for media and social media. Their efforts are tireless and very creative.

- Karen Mitchell, Mom

Photo: Robert Gilbert

Cory Gruter Andrew“My son and I needed help with learning social media skills and to create positive publicity around some unique opportunities he had. Holly and Steph were creative, informative and above all were encouraging. They took the time to understand what we were looking for, tailored a campaign to my son’s needs and his strengths, and provided a lot of helpful, up-to-date information. We loved that they were always available, and my son said: “they were really supportive in what I was wanting to do and were genuinely nice people to work with”.  Oh, and the results far exceeded our expectations! 

- Jacky (Mom)

Photo: Zinger



“Holly is a hardworking and dedicated professional.  She succeeded in getting us a lot of timely press for Madeleine’s movie release and TV Guest star role.  These included television and radio appearances, an online presence, including a piece by Variety.com and also an article in the Province newspaper. Well done Holly!”    

 - Jane (Mom)

“I felt like Holly always had my best interests at heart.  I am so grateful and couldn’t be more pleased with everything Holly is doing for me.  She went above and beyond.”  

Photo: Brandyland Photography