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Selected Client List HollyWords Publicity 1994 - present

HollyWords Publicity Group's new clients come to them as referrals through existing clients and through agents and managers. HWP will only take on a talent if they are confident that they can successfully provide the traditional and social media results that the client deserves. The Group's CEO advises far more actors on what they should have as roles before investing in publicity than she does actually accepting clients.



Michael Adamthwaite - This actor has 184 impressive credits on IMDb, including the role of 'Luca', Caesar's Lieutenant in 'War for the Planet of the Apes'. Too busy for publicity before the massive hit film, Michael has come to HollyWords Publicity now and we cannot wait to work with him on his next big projects just around the corner.

Duane Howard - (Media Sheet) Duane's role as the Arikara warrior in the mammoth feature film 'The Revenant' is very significant from beginning to end. His character’s search for his daughter threads through the entire film and has an important impact in Hugh Glass’s story at the very beginning of the film and again at the end of the film.

Alain Chanoine - (Media Sheet ) Recently made a big splash on the big screen in 2016's biggest summer hit for his role as 'Incubus' in 'Suicide Squad'. It won't be long before we see Alain again in a major Hollywood productions for Hollywood. 

David Haydn-Jones - (Media Sheet) David came to HollyWords when he thought that he had a 4 episode arc on 'Supernatural'. Instead, his work as the now notorious Mr. Ketch made him an integral character for the entire 12th season of the series. We worked alongside David to ensure that his growth in popularity was fueled through traditional, digital, and social media and that we had it tracked and recorded for him and his agent to use post-production for future roles. For a recurring role, David's media sheet is amazing, and a perfect example of teamwork at its finest :)

Christian Convery - (Media Sheet)  At only 7 Christian may quite possibly be the youngest to have 3 roles already announced in Variety. Not a bad start to his career in film and Television! Christian has already become a ‘working actor’ and he and his mom Lisa are having a blast with it all most recently with a lead role as Steve Carell's son in the Brad Pitt feature production, 'Beautiful Boy'.

Christian Michael Cooper - (Media Sheet) This 10-yr-old has achieved stardom already in his own right, and we are happy to have been a part of his journey. As Mike Scofield, son of Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) and Dr. Sara Scofield (Sarah Wayne Callies) in the FOX 9-episode-event of the iconic series, 'Prison Break', Christian absolutely shone. He won the hearts of both the fans and the media ... not to mention his publicity team!

Cory Grüter-Andrew - (Media Sheet) This 15-yr-old actor only began 2years ago and already he's starred in two movies, one a movie requisitioned by Pope Francis himself, 'Beyond the Sun', and the other Cory is currently filming titled 'Summer of '84'. Cory instantly became a popular character on the critically-acclaimed series 'The 100' and along with a Guest-starring role in episode 110 of 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow'. He's also played a teen Sasquatch so you know that there are great things to come from this young man!

Caroline Cave - (Media Sheet)  A classically trained ballerina and multi-award-winning actress, Caroline joined the cast of the second season of the critically-acclaimed show, ‘Van Helsing’, in which she plays Jolene, the impromptu leader of the makeshift human resistance army. Caroline herself has been on the casting radar since the inception of that series, and her character is expected to appear in at least 5 episodes. Additionally, this show has been a joyful reunion with Rukiya Bernard, former castmate with whom she bonded on the Lifetime movie, ‘Accidental Obsession’.

Kiefer O’Reilly - (Media Sheet)  This talented 10-yr-older who plays Jonas, the murdered son of Rip Hunter in ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, takes on the difficult and controversial role of Burke Ramsey in ‘Who Killed JonBenét’.The Lifetime movie will follow the real-life story of JonBenét’s murder, featuring Burke being accused and interrogated. Amongst many other roles, he is the voice of Howard in the Howard Lovecraft animated features co-starring Mark Hamill and Christopher Plummer.

Brendan Bradley - A multi-award-winning LA actor, writer, director and producer, Brendan is recognized nationally as the US spokesperson for 'Staples'. Multiple guest appearances range from CBS's Elementary to Disney's Wizards of Waverley Place. Brendan's film work has been featured in festivals worldwide, most notably The Sundance Film Festival, SXSW and Methodfest.

J. Alex Brinson-     A ‘fresh face’, studied at Juilliard, dancer and theater actor, recently moved to Vancouver and started working in Film & TV immediately currently cast him in the important recurring role of Jeff Conniker in ‘Travelers’ a local city police officer, struggling with his own personal demons.  

Havana Guppy (Media Sheet) 17-yr-old Guppy, can currently be seen in two incredibly different roles: One is as the devoutly religious teen Mary in the post-apocalyptic TV series ‘Aftermath’, and the other is on Hulu Original Series ’Shut Eye' in the recurring role as ‘Drina’ the impulsive, rebellious teenager growing up in a gypsy mafia family alongside Angus Sampson and Isabella Rossellini.

Adrian Hough - (Media SheetAdrian has 86 television and 26 film credits, all substantial roles. UK trained, Adrian acted in ‘Doctor Who’, 'The Fog' before returning to Canada where his ability with accents booked him in ’X-men’ (animated and Feature) and to voice ’Assassin's Creed’. He recently played Sigourney Weaver's brother in the feature '(re) Assignment' and guests in fall 2016 on 'Aftermath' & 'Travelers'. 

Sean Kyer - (Media Sheet) Now 15, Sean Kyer already has a resume that boasts over 22 credits, 3 of which are recurring lead roles in popular TV shows. ‘Continuum’, “When Calls The Heart” as fan-favourite ‘Pockets’ and PBS Family Comedy ‘Odd Squad’. As ‘Agent Oscar’ producers encouraged Sean to develop his comedic timing which earned him a 2015 Daytime Emmy nomination.

Katelyn Mager - (Media Sheet) Now 15, Katelyn has developed into a ‘seasoned actress’ with skills well beyond her years. Following roles of Young Thalia in ‘Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters’ and fan-favourite Rachel Stonelake When Calls the Heart’ Katelyn’s greatest dramatic work to-date has been Charlotte in feature film ‘Charlotte’s Song’ opposite Iwan Rheon (‘Game of Thrones’).

Adam Lolacher - (Media Sheet) HWP was brought on to promote ‘Medic’, a short film tackling post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from lead actor and first-time writer Adam Lolacher that screened at the2016 Cannes Film Festival in its “Short Film Corner” program, and was locally nominated for six Leo Awards.

Rob Hayter- (Media Sheet) With all of the buzz on the net around the inclusion of the character ‘Bob’ in today’s record-busting film ‘Deadpool’, the question that begs to be answered is “who is Bob?” Well Rob is Bob. Rob Hayter has been in the industry for 27 years and has an amazing resume to show for it with 132 credits in stunts48 credits as an actor, 3 credits as a director/AD and 1 credit as a producer. And now he’s also “Bob”.

Briana Buckmaster - (Media Sheet) Briana's role as Sheriff Donna Hanscum in 'Supernatural' is a fan favourite. She is also a strong spokesperson among her thousands of fans on the subject of feminism in which she liberally delivers her fantastic sense of humour. Briana is also a singer and a writer ('White Ninja'). 

Aleks Paunovic - (Media Sheet) The popular prolific actor came to us to provide media services revolving around his recurring supporting role on the final season of 'Continuum'.

Mitchell Kummen - (Media Sheet )Mitchell Kummen began his acting career by nailing his very first audition - and then the next and the next ... - at the ripe old age of 8. Mitchell has come to us at a time when he has a series, 'When Calls the Heart' on air in Canada, the US and the UK, and another, 'Ties That Bind' on UPtv beginning August 12, 2015.

Faustino Di Bauda - (Media Sheet) Faustino Di Bauda landed his very first professional audition when he went in and read for the role of the delightful 'Sleepy' in the ABC hit series, "Once Upon A Time".

Madeleine Arthur - (Media Sheet )Madeleine Arthur is a rising star whom we will likely see on Oscar's stage more than once as her career grows. Madeleine will be on the big screen come Christmas in a lead role as Amy Adams' screen daughter in Tim Burton's upcoming feature film, Big Eyes, also starring Christoph Waltz.

Ronnie Seterdahl Negus - Ronnie Seterdahl Negus is a well-loved reality TV star on the popular show, Real Housewives of Vancouver. But Ronnie is much more than her already larger-than-life persona. HollyWords Publicity Group will be re-introducing Ronnie Negus, the woman, and the mother-of-five, to her fans and to the media.

Gordan Dumka - Publicized Gordan’s recent business venture, The Artists Collective Group; landed him a local newspaper cover, a TV interview, and a newspaper feature.

Shawn Ashmore - Worked with Shawn shortly after he came out in theatres in the first of his three appearances in the “X-Men” feature films.

Barry Pepper - Worked with Barry shortly before he left for Hollywood and launched his career through Stephen Spielberg with “Saving Private Ryan”.

Mike Dopud - Was blessed to work with the wonderful Mike Dopud ('Varro' on "SGU").

Steve Bacic - Worked with Steve while he was on a number of TV series including “The Outer Limits”.

Kaj Erik-Eriksen - Worked with then-child-actor for many years while he played a starring role on the television series “The Commish”.

Ellie Harvie - Worked with Ellie while she starred in “The New Addams Family” as ‘Morticia’.

Rachel Cronin - Worked with Rachel during the four years she played ‘Shirley Pifko’ on NBC’s “Ed”.

Joel Palmer - Worked with Joel during his remarkable career as a child actor, co-starring in such hit TV series as “X-Files”.

David Kaye - Worked with David for over ten years, helping him to become one of the most sought-after prolific voice actors in all of North America.


Digital Entertainment Industry - Created the Canadian Awards for the Electronic and Animated Arts (CAEAA), later called the “ELAN Awards”, to promote Canada’s achievements in animation, video game development and visual effects on a worldwide scale. Hired William Shatner, Seth Macfarlane, and Tom Kenny as hosts for the three annual award shows. Worked with, and acquired as sponsors, Nokia, Hitachi, Activision, EA, Ubisoft, Ernst & Young, Autodesk, the BC Provincial Government and dozens more.

Dr. Ed Lowe - Conceptualized and produced the Vancouver Extraordinary Makeover Event (VEME), the only one of its kind anywhere in the world, in order to create positive media exposure for Dr. Lowe, a dentist. The event was a phenomenal success that saw my client benefit from approximately $2 million worth of media coverage along with 10s of thousands of dollars worth of sponsored prizes.

False Creek Healthcare Centre - Worked with Dr. Mark Godley, the principal and medical director for the centre, over a number of years unveiling many new surgical procedures. Our most notable work together was when I brought him into the VEME to provide all of the plastic surgery procedures to the event’s winners for which he acquired massive media exposure on both sides of the border.

Cambie Surgery Centre - Worked with Dr. Brian Day, the principal and medical director for the centre along with Dr. Mark Godley of the False Creek Healthcare Centre in their concerted efforts to win their argument with the Supreme Court of Canada for the privatization of medical services under the ‘Right to Life’ amendment.

Shavick Entertainment - Worked directly with James Shavick for over three years on his professional image, winning him inclusion into Vancouver Magazine’s annual “Power 50” list. Created and implemented the successful Shavick Awards; handled the publicity for President, Shawn Williamson, now the co-chairman of the biggest film and television Production Company in all of Canada, Brightlight Pictures.

E! Entertainment - Handled a number of their TV movies and series filmed on location in Vancouver.

Animal Planet - Worked for Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet handling the show and its stars, most notably Nick Mancuso. Was selected as the lead publicist during the TCA’s (Television Critics Association) Winter Press Tour, accompanying and handling the show’s stars on the tour held in Pasadena at the Ritz-Carlton, Huntington Hotel & Spa.

Reelwest Magazine - Announced nationwide the popular film and television trade magazine’s expanded distribution into eastern Canada as well as its 25th Anniversary.

Two Story Productions  

Sweder Film and T.V. Productions Inc. 

Viral Network Inc. 

Parallax Film Productions 



Beyond the Gates of Phu | A Documentary by Sean F. White and Climb For Change Enterprises Inc.

The Truth About Miranda | Independent Film

Murder at the Cannes Film Festival | TV Movie - Starring French Stewart, Karina Lombard and Katherine LaNasa.

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes | TV Movie - Starring Eva La Rue, Len Cariou, Frank Crudele and Annette Funicello as herself.

Crash and Byrnes | TV Movie - Starring Wolf Larson, Greg Ellis and Sandra Lindquist.

Hollywood Off-Ramp | TV Movie - Starring Matthew Harrison, Deni DeLory and Michelle Harrison.

The Spiral Staircase | TV Movie - Starring Nicollette Sheridan, Judd Nelson and Alex McArthur.

Best Actress | TV Movie - Starring Thomas Calabro, Jaime Pressly and Rachel Hunter.

Ice Angel | TV Movie - Starring Nicholle Tom, Tara Lipinski and Nancy Kerrigan.

Heaven’s Fire | TV Movie - Starring Eric Roberts, Jürgen Prochnow and Venus Terzo.

Don’t Look Behind You | TV Movie - Starring Patrick Duffy, Pam Dawber and Dominic Raacke.

The Darklings | TV Movie - Starring Suzanne Somers, Timothy Busfield and Ryan DeBoer.

Two of Hearts | TV Movie - Starring Gail O'Grady, Rob Stewart and Corbin Bernsen.

Kiss of a Stranger | TV Movie - Starring Mariel Hemingway, Corbin Bernsen and Matt Battaglia.

Catch Me If You Can | TV Movie - Starring Tim Matheson, Ryan DeBoer and Carol Alt.

Perfect Little Angels | TV Movie - Starring Cheryl Ladd, Jody Thompson and Michael York.

Voyage of Terror | TV Movie - Starring Lindsay Wagner, Michael Ironside and Martin Sheen.

Loyal Opposition: Terror in the White House | TV Movie - Starring Joan Van Ark, Nick Mancuso and Rick Springfield.