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About HWP Group

Holly Carinci, Founder & CEO (Vancouver & LA)

As a young up-and-coming actress during Vancouver’s early boom in film and television, Holly needed to relocate to LA to have any chance of moving up in Hollywood. Not wanting to enter that scene, Holly looked for a personal publicist who could promote her career up north to the decision-makers down south. When she couldn’t find anybody to fill the role, Holly ‘switched hats‘ and went from aspiring actress to publicist-in-bootstrap-training.

Over the next twenty years, Holly built herself an envious list of media, network and studio contacts from all around the world and grew her company HollyWords Publicity into the premiere Entertainment PR firm in Vancouver. Ms. Carinci’s greatest skill lies in her ability to immediately identify media hooks and knows with whom, what, when and how she and her team can get the client covered. She will not take on a client if she doesn’t know for a fact that she can get them excellent media coverage; not a few local stories, but excellent international coverage.

When asked what her most memorable moments are from her years with HollyWords, Holly answers that she has far too many to list, but there are two that stand out: One, when she went to the Golden Globe Awards and the other when she lost the star of her show, a wolf, on the tarmac at LAX. Yes, apparently she got the wolf back and yes, she reportedly saw many of them at the Golden Globes.

Stephanie Michelle Scott, Director of Digital and Social Media (Vancouver)

Stephanie's extensive background in feature film art departments is apparent in her work as HollyWords Publicity's (HWP's) Director of Digital and Social Media. 'Steph' works closely with HWP's clients to develop their online communication style. A technology early adopter, she surfs the trends of an ever-expanding ocean of social media, interactive mashups, and fan engagement to curate a 'fun' social media messaging plan that supports Holly's carefully crafted media hooks. Steph then finds fan groups that will celebrate the client's messages and interests in weekly conversations. Interviews and memorable moments are posted to HWP social media in attention-grabbing graphics designed to kick-start a viral buzz. Working closely with Holly it's all assembled into a stunning media kit that captures the full breadth of their journey with HollyWords Publicity. This valuable asset is then used by the client and their team to leverage the media coverage into lucrative work.

McKenzie Morrell, Writer (New York, NY)

With a B.A. in Journalism, McKenzie Morrell is well-versed in both media law and ethics, radio broadcasting, television news production, and she most definitely does it AP Style. She comes to HollyWords Publicity Group from a literary publicity and marketing firm, where she perfected her skills as a producer, managing editor, and overall tech nerd. Now, an honorary Canadian, thanks to HWP, McKenzie is ready for even the most complicated of projects!  

Ruth Hill, Writer (Seattle, WA)

In the fall of 2016, Ruth Hill joined the team as a contributing writer.  With her diverse experience as an entertainer writer on her blog (mydevotionalthoughts.net), Ruth brings the light of positivity to all with whom she interacts.  Though a Washington State resident, she maintains a substantial following within the Vancouver acting community and visits whenever she is able.