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About HWP Group

Holly Carinci became a publicist because she needed one and there weren’t any.

As a young up-and-coming actress during Vancouver’s early boom in film and television, Holly needed to relocate to LA to have any chance of moving up in Hollywood. Not wanting to enter that scene, Holly looked for a personal publicist who could promote her career up north to the decision-makers down south. When she couldn’t find anybody to fill the role, Holly ‘switched hats‘ and went from aspiring actress to publicist-in-bootstrap-training.

Over the next twelve years Holly built herself an envious list of media and studio contacts all across North America and grew her company HollyWords Publicity into the premiere Entertainment PR Firms in Vancouver. She worked with dozens of famous actors, directors and producers and created a few of them herself. If the client didn’t have a story then she’d make one for them like the time when she created an entire makeover event and garnered her client, a dentist, (“who’s going to write about brushing teeth?!”) over 2 million dollars worth of media coverage and 10s of thousands of dollars in sponsored prizes and services.

When asked what her most memorable moments are from her twelve years with the original HollyWords, Holly answers that she has two in particular: One, when she went to the Golden Globes and the other when she lost the star of her show, a wolf, on the tarmac at LAX. Yes, apparently she got the wolf back and yes, she reportedly saw many of them at the Golden Globe Awards.

In 2006 Holly regretfully placed her company aside and began a new one, the Canadian Awards for the Electronic and Animated Arts (CAEAA) in order to provide the much-needed promotion of Canada’s talent in video games and animation. The show, later known as the ELAN Awards, had a successful 3-year-run in Vancouver for which Holly landed as Hosts William Shatner, Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy) and Tom Kenny (SpongeBob SquarePants). When she took the awards show down south in order to work with a television broadcaster, Holly and her American producers ran right smack into the World Recession. After wrapping the awards show up tightly for another time and place, Holly spent two years on writing and research. One day she realized that HollyWords was calling her back.

Stephanie Michelle Scott came onboard as Director of Digital Media in May of 2015

Her skills have taken HWP’s media marketing to first-class levels. ‘Steph’ comes from feature film art departments (like Shooter and iRobot) and handles all of our clients’ social media needs as well as designing attention-grabbing graphics from our interviews that best market our clients. Fans, producers, directors, casting directors, agents and managers all love Steph’s work and use HWP media sheets as high-end promotional pieces or fan-art for collectors.